Swansea University

1. Introduction

Swansea University is committed to ensuring a high quality educational experience for its students, supported by appropriate academic, administrative and welfare support services and facilities. However there will be instances when students may feel dissatisfied with the teaching and learning, facilities or services provided by the University, or with the way the University or its staff have acted or omitted to act.  It is expected that students and staff will make reasonable efforts to resolve matters informally at the outset. The vast majority of student complaints can be handled fairly, amicably, and to the satisfaction of all concerned through informal channels.

If, however, it is necessary to pursue a complaint formally, this Complaints Procedure (known as the 'Procedure') sets out how students may seek to have complaints addressed. The aim of this Procedure is to deal with student complaints as expeditiously and fairly as possible.

Advice about this Procedure may be obtained from Academic Services or, in confidence, from the Students' Union Advice Centre.

A summary of this procedure and contact details for the Students’ Union Advice Centre are provided within the Student Complaints Frequently Asked Questions  factsheet.