Swansea University

3. Who Can Make A Complaint and Time-Limits

This procedure will apply to every student, defined as an enrolled student of Swansea University (the University), including those studying on degrees offered jointly with other partners and students studying at another university as an integral part of the programme - provided the complaint relates to Swansea University or to a holder of a sabbatical office at Swansea University

This Procedure will also apply to former students of Swansea University who have withdrawn from their programme or have completed their programme, as long as the complaint is made within 3 months of the date of their withdrawal/completion orwithin 3 months of the date of the event(s) giving rise to the complaint – whichever is the earlier date.

Complaints should be made as early as possible.  Students should be aware that any lengthy delay may limit the way in which the University can investigate the complaint or the University’s ability to put things right. 

The University will not normally consider complaints received more than 3 months after the event(s), giving rise to the complaint, first arose, unless the complainant shows there to be a compelling reason why the complaint has been submitted late.

If a complaint is not received within the time limits stipulated, the complaint will normally be treated as not eligible for consideration on the basis it is ‘out of time’, unless the complainant shows there to be a compelling reason for not having submitted the complaint within the time limits. Where it is decided that a complaint is not eligible for consideration, the complainant will be advised of this outcome by letter, and will be informed of their right to request a final review of the outcome under the Final Review Regulations.

The University may deem part of the complaint to benot eligible for consideration relating to any issues of complaint which had arisen more than 3 months before the complaint was submitted, but proceed to deal with any remaining issues of complaint in accordance with this procedure.