Swansea University

5. Student Complaints Not Covered by Procedures

Which student complaints will not be dealt with under these Procedures?


Appeals against academic assessment and progress decisions. These are dealt with under the Academic Appeals Regulations.


Complaints which question ‘academic judgement’. The experience and knowledge of a student, the student’s performance and whether he/she has reached the required academic standard, and an awareness of best practice in higher education are combined to allow an examiner to make an academic judgement on the ability of a student. Academic judgement is the decision made by academic staff on the quality of academic work or the criteria being applied to mark work (rather than the administrative marking process). Complaints or Appeals which question this academic judgement shall not be considered.


Complaints of harassment, bullying and discrimination which fall within the University’s Dignity at Work and Study (Combating Harassment) Policy. In such cases, students are encouraged to seek advice from one of the University’s trained Harassment Advisers.


Complaints arising from decisions made under specific University regulations such as:

Students are referred to the review/appeals procedures of the respective regulations.


Anonymous complaints. Staff who receive anonymous complaints will be expected to use their discretion and judgement as to how to handle such complaints. However, any member of staff who is unsure as to how he/she should deal with an anonymous complaint should refer it to his/ her Head of College in the first instance or to the Academic Services nominee.  Due to the nature of the complaint, it will not be possible to provide a response to the anonymous complainant.  


For candidates studying under collaborative arrangements, complaints shall normally be through the partner institution's complaints procedure in the first instance where the complaint relates to the partner institution.


Complaints against student elected officials, other students or life members of the Students' Union will be referred to the General Secretary of the Students' Union and/or the Disciplinary Committee, and student complaints made against Students' Union staff members are referred directly to the Students' Union Manager, telephone number: 01792 295 484.


Complaints relating to admission applications and queries. Please refer to the Admissions Complaints and Appeal Procedures.