Swansea University

Enrolment & Module Selection

Enrolment is an administrative process comprising of registration on a programme of study and being formally recognised as a University student; attending a subject area-specific induction; enrolment on modules (module selection) and ID card collection.

It is a requirement of the University that you must enrol on an annual basis with Swansea University to pursue a named programme of study.  You are required to enrol at the start of your course and every following academic year that fees are due.  Full details are circulated to you by email and published on the University enrolment and induction web pages.

You are required to provide accurate personal information, be financially cleared and sign a declaration before you are allowed to enrol in the University.  If you are an international student you must also provide valid immigration documents that allow you to study at the University.

If you are enrolled as a full-time student on a programme of study, you may not be concurrently enrolled on another programme leading to the award of a qualification in this or another institution without the express permission of the Recruitment and Admission Committee or appropriate sub-committee.

Failure to enrol within a prescribed enrolment period will result in candidature lapsing and withdrawal of the candidate from the University.  Requests for the reinstatement of the candidature and permission to enroll late shall be considered administratively on behalf of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board. 

For full information browse the University enrolment and induction web pages.


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