Choosing Accommodation

Ask yourself the following questions:

Making decisions about what is really important to you in your first year of studying will help you narrow down your choices. Think carefully about each of the following options and what is important to you for the academic year?

  1. Cost - What is your budget? See Residence Fees
  2. Location – Where are you studying? See Maps of Residences
  3. Specific requirements - Something that will affect your accommodation?
  4. Course Length - How long do you need the accommodation 40, 47 or 51 Week of study?
  5. Room Type - Do you want Quiet, Welsh-speaking, Alcohol-Free, Single Sex, or Mature Area?
  6. Do you Live Locally? - Don't sign a Tenancy if you may wish to commute from home!

Room Types and Descriptions

Below is a breakdown of different types and styles of accommodation with a brief description.


  1. Standard – Shared Bathroom facilities with others in the flat.
  2. Ensuite – Bathroom Facilities for your room only - Shower, Toilet & Wash Hand Basin

Room Descriptions

  1. Shared Twin / Large Single – 2 Beds in 1 room with double furniture such as desk, Wardrobe, bookcase etc.,
  2. Adapted / Large – Usually has facilities, but not exclusively, that can be used by wheelchair users. 
  3. Extra Large – Only 5 rooms in Singleton, larger living area.
  4. Medium – This is the standard size room
  5. Premium – Slightly larger and Bay Campus Rooms include a double bed and an armchair
  6. Small – These rooms are more restricted in size.
  7. Traditional – This layout refers to higher rise buildings with floors of 18-20 students although they are normally divided into 2 areas of 9-10
  8. Pre-Paid Dining – A card is provided with for use in the Campus catering outlets with a value of £28.00 per week, normally loaded per term. This allows you to manage your own catering budget.

Specific Room Types

Not all students want to live in the same type of accommodation; as such, we have set up different types of accommodation. Below is a list of areas and brief descriptions.

  1. Alcohol-Free Area - Students agree not to consume or store alcohol within the flat/house. This ensures that your flat is not a party flat!
  2. Exchange / Part-Year – Students may be only studying for part of the year.
  3. Mature Area - This is for students who are over the age of 21. Lifestyles for these type of students differ from 18 – 20-year-olds.
  4. Health Science Students - These are normally for an early start and late finish course dates outside of the regular 40-week cohort - We are only able to accommodate these course on Singleton Park Campus or Hendrefoelan Student Village.
  5. Postgraduate Area – For students studying on a 51-week contract.
  6. Quiet Area - Noise restrictions between 11 pm and 8 am. For those who need their sleep! 
  7. Returners – Students that have started a course previously, 2nd & 3rd year etc.,
  8. Show Flat Scheme – This is where you agree to show your accommodation to prospective students during the academic year. Please see: flats/ for more information.
  9. Swim Team – Accommodation set aside for nominated members of the Swimming Team,
  10. Welsh Speaking Area – Accommodation for Welsh speakers and learners of the Welsh Language.