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About our Programmes

Our programmes are designed to provide you with options to start learning at a level that suits you. We offer you the potential to progress naturally in your chosen area of study, from taster sessions, accredited courses, Certificates and Diplomas to Part-time Humanities, English and History Degrees.

Student Support

We aim to remove as many barriers to learning as possible and we pride ourselves on our wide range of extensive support available.


Information and Guidance

Our guidance team will be available during some of our events or you can make an appointment to have an informal, confidential and impartial chat throughout the year. With prior arrangement, our guidance team is able to visit courses on Campus and in the Community.


Enrolment and Fees

We aim to make enrolling for our courses as easy as possible.  Funding and financial assistance schemes are available to help pay course fees (subject to eligibility).


Library and Information Services

DACE has its very own library - the South Wales Miners’ Library (SWML). As a DACE student, your first contact for library support and information is the South Wales Miners’ Library, which is located on the Hendrefoelan Campus and at the DOVE Workshop, Banwen.