Swansea University Leadership Model

Swansea University Leadership Expectations

Developed with Academic and Professional Services colleagues across the University we are proud to present the Swansea University Leadership Expectations.

Our leadership expectations guide how we work, change culture and shape the way we behave. Living these means being autonomous yet accountable, purposeful and courageous, and involves creating a positive, open culture where people achieve their potential.

You can view our leadership expectations here:

Swansea University Leadership Model  

Swansea University Leadership Model CYMRAEG

Professional Leadership Framework

Our leadership framework sets out what leadership skilling and professional development is available to support Swansea leaders in their leadership growth.

Depending on grade and role expectations, it consists of:

  • Expected skilling via CORE and ENHANCED leadership modules
  • 360 leadership feedback, based on our leadership expectations at Swansea
  • Individual Professional Development (e.g. coaching, mentoring, work shadowing and external development), identified through the PDR


Our framework:

  • Sets out what the University expects of people who lead and manage others.
  • Helps leaders understand what they should be doing to be an effective leader and people manager
  • Sets out the skilling expected for those who lead and manage people at Swansea
  • Enables professional development discussions around leadership and leadership growth
  • Helps individuals to understand what they should be able to expect from their leaders and managers of people
  • Offers a clear framework that those who aspire to roles with leadership and management responsibilities to guide their personal development
  • Supports sustained growth of the University by setting effective leadership at the heart of our journey