How to book a course

Our online programme lists all the courses we have on offer during the 2017/18 Academic Year.

For further information on the courses and to book a place via our online booking system please log into ABW using your Swansea username and password. You will need the course code to search for your chosen course outline and for forthcoming dates. A user guide can be found here.


  • Adverse Event Investigation Training (431)
  • Chemical Inventory Management Training: QUARTZY (356)
  • Conservation and Environmental Protection on Campus (452)
  • EMS: Practical Implementation of EMS: Check, Act (451)
  • EMS: Practical Implementation of EMS: Plan, Do (352)
  • Recycling Toolbox Talk (358)
  • Sustainable Procurement Training (Operational Procedures/Criteria) (450)
  • Travel Champion Training (392)