Values Feedback in the PDR - Guidance

Values Feedback Guidance

Values feedback takes place annually for all Professional Services staff with values in their job description whom are not already undertaking 360 leadership feedback.


Click here for the values expectations at Swansea.


2017 Feedback


Individuals participating in values feedback will have their bespoke feedback Report automatically uploaded within their PDR ‘document upload’ section.

Your values report contains your self-assessment and that of your line manager for each values expectation in terms of how well you believe this is demonstrated in the workplace:

1. No Evidence  2. Needs Development   3. Somewhat Effective  4. Effective   5. Exceptional

In preparation for your PDR you should start thinking about how you can translate your reflections on your feedback into tangible actions. In creating your actions, think about enhancing existing strengths as well as potential development areas and, to encourage sustained change, focus on the benefits your proposed actions will bring you, others and the University.

Actions agreed as a result of your values feedback should be captured in the “Feedback Objectives” section” tab of your PDR. It is expected that at least one of the PDR Objectives agreed for the forthcoming PDR period will be as a result of your feedback. In creating these, we would encourage you to think about enhancing existing strengths as well as filling potential gaps in your performance. Your 2017 feedback report will also be available in this section by clicking on “Values Feedback”

When reflecting on your feedback report, it might be helpful to think about the following:


             Initial Reactions -  What has particularly pleased you? What has surprised you? What has been confirmed for you?

             Consistency of Feedback – What feedback is consistent across the feedback groups? What are your (consistent) strengths and areas for development?

             Different Perceptions - Where are the biggest differences in the feedback from the different groups? Where is the biggest gap between how you see yourself and others see you? What reasons can you think of that explain this?

2016 Feedback

Individuals who participated in values feedback in 2016, will locate their agreed objectives relating to this feedback in the “Previous Objectives” tab of the PDR, in the “Feedback Objectives” section. You should take the time to reflect on your performance against these objectives. Using the drop down box options of “Achieved”, “Not Achieved” or “Not Applicable” you will be able to update your status against each objective.  Supporting evidence should be captured in the ‘Progress Notes’ text area. 2016 feedback may be found by clicking “last year’s feedback."