Early and other Enrolment Events


Undergraduates on some health, social care, medicine, law, part time, foundation and exchange programmes may have early or different session dates. These vary according to the individual programme being pursued, details will be available from your College. See details below for your course.

English Language Training

ELTS Course dates 2018/2019

  • Term 1 September 24th - January 18th (Christmas break December 14th - January 7th)
  • Term 2 February 11th - May 31st (Easter break April 19th - May 7th)
  • Term 3 June 17th - September 6th (Pre- sessional courses – no break)

ELTS Course Dates 2019/2020

  • Term 1 September 23rd - January 17th (Christmas break December 13th - January 6th)
  • Term 2 February 10th - May 29th (Easter break April 10th – April 27th)
  • Term 3 June 15th - September 4th (Pre- sessional courses – no break)

Please note you need to enrol on your course within TWO weeks of the course start date see Dates and Fees 

For further queries contact the department English Language Training Services (ELTS)

Exchange and visiting incoming

Before You Arrive

  • Before leaving your Higher Education institution discuss which modules (classes/lectures) you will be expected to pursue at Swansea. An online module catalogue is available to browse.
  • All Exchange/Erasmus/Visiting students make their provisional module selection on their application forms prior to their acceptance. We have appointed departmental academic advisors who check the forms to ensure selected courses are available, or to offer alternative modules if courses are no longer running/are unsuitable/or full.
  • If you are from the EU enrol online, for details browse online enrolment here 

Important dates for your diary:

  • 11 September – Presessional (British Culture & Politics) orientation and programme begins
  • 21–22 September – Freshers’ Arrival Weekend
  • 24 September – Freshers’ Week begins
  • 24-25 September – Orientation Events
  • 1 October – First day of the academic year teaching term
  • 22 January - Pre-sessional British Culture & Politics Programme
    • 10am – 1 pm, Room West, Fulton House: International non-EU registration of your passport and visa
    • 11am – 1 pm, Haldane PC Lab 14: Online enrolment workshop
  • 2 February - International visiting & exchange, second semester enrolment on the Park campus
    • 1 - 3pm, Room West, Fulton House: International non-EU registration of your passport and visa
    • 1 - 3pm, Haldane PC Lab 14: Online enrolment workshop

When You Arrive on campus

  • ALL Exchange and Visiting students are required to attend the Welcome & Orientation session for an introductory talk. Students will confirm their module selection once they have met with our departmental academic advisors. A timetable of when and where students can meet these academic advisors will be included in the Welcome Packs which will be distributed at the Orientation session.
  • Non-EU students please register your passport and student visitor stamp or pick your visa / BRP card form the enrolment venue and then enrol online

Contact us 

For queries please contact the Go Global - International Development team

T: +44 (0)1792 606082 or Email: studyabroad@swansea.ac.uk

Adult Continuing Education

You will receive detailed instructions by post about how to either Enrol Online or enrol in person.

The venues listed below enable you to enrol in person at a convenient time and location and your enrolment forms will be waiting for you at each venue or enrol online from home at any time that suits you.

The enrolment events coincide with your teaching based locations, however, if for any reason you are unable to attend on that day for your teaching location, you can enrol at any one of the other venues mentioned.

Please note you are required to enrol BEFORE attending your first lecture.

If you have enquiries about your Part time BA please phone one of our DACE help lines or browse our Department of Adult Continuing Education web page:

Location of Study

Enrolment Date

Enrolment Time

Enrolment Venue

Canolfan-Y-Bont, Pontardulais

Monday, 17th September

12.00 pm – 1.00 pm

Canolfan-Y-Bont, 28 Dulais Road, Pontardulais, Swansea

DOVE Workshop, Banwen and Glynneath Training Centre

Monday, 17th September

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm

DOVE Workshop, Roman Road, Banwen


 Forge Fach Community Resource Centre, Clydach; YMCA Neath, and YMCA Port Talbot

Tuesday, 18th September

 9.00 am – 11.00 am

 YMCA Neath, Pen-y-Dre, Neath

The Phoenix Centre, Townhill, Swansea

Wednesday, 19th September

9.00 am – 11.00 am

The Phoenix Centre, ParadisePark, Powys Avenue, Townhill, Swansea.

 The Bloomfield Centre, Narberth

 Thursday, 20 September

 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

The Bloomfield Centre, Bloomfield House, Redstone Road, Narberth 

Swansea Campus  -Continuing students 

Monday, 24 September 

6.00 pm -  8.00 pm 

Council Chamber, The Abbey, Singleton Campus

Swansea Campus - Year 1 New students

Wednesday 26  September 

6.30 pm – 8.30 pm 

Council Chamber, The Abbey, Singleton Campus 






Foundation Degrees

Business Management (FdSci)

You will need to enriol in  Coleg Cambria and enrol online with Swansea University before attending your Foundation Degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Applied Business Management

Engineering (FdEng)

Coleg Cambria

You will need to enriol in Coleg Cambria and enrol online with Swansea University before attending your Foundation Degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering


You will need to enriol in Neath Port Talbot College and enrol online with Swansea University before attending your Foundation Degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Pembrokeshire College

You will need to enrol in Pembrokeshire College and enrol online with Swansea University before attending your Foundation Degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Process Operations & Maintenance
  • Instrumentation Electronics
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Power Systems Engineering

 For further details contact your College or browse Engineering part-time Foundation Degrees

Computer Science (FdSci)

Please ensure you complete online enrolment in August.

For further details about your programme of study and induction, contact the Foundation Degree Team


Online enrolment

All students are required to enrol online 


You are required to report in person on the date below before you attend your first lecture.


College contact


Healthcare Sciences, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Nursing

Please note that students of Midwifery, Nursing, Paramedic Science and the Healthcare Sciences (Cardiac Physiology, Respiratory and Sleep Sciences, Audiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Physics) enrol online in early September.

For full details of when to arrive and report to your College browse www.swansea.ac.uk/humanandhealthsciences/uginduction/ 

Winter, Spring and Summer Research Enrolment

Deadlines for research enrolment

For the Quarter 1 research candidature (start date 1st October) browse the main enrolment and induction web site for your dates and instructions.

For all other research intakes, see instrucions and deadlines below:

  • Quarter 2 research candidature start date 1st January: Winter enrolment period 11/Dec/2017 until 15/Jan/2018.
  • Quarter 3 research candidature start date 1st April: Spring enrolment period 19/Mar/2018 until 16/Apr/2018.
  • Quarter 4 research candidature start date 1st July: Summer enrolment period 18/Jun/2018 until 16/Jul/2018.

Preparations for enrolment

Sort out your tuition fees:

  • If your employer, trust, council or embassy is paying towards your fees, send us a Confirmation of Sponsorship form or a letter from your sponsor by post to: "Student Records Office, Singleton Abbey, Swansea University,  SA2 8PP" or by email to studentfinance@swansea.ac.uk
  • If the University or College is paying towards your fee, make sure your bursary has been authorised when you enrol (members of staff send us your Staff bursary or Research Assistant bursary form)
  • Otherwise you need to make your own arrangements to pay by card or direct debit when you enrol or pay in advance by logging in to the SU intranet and click on Financial Transactions to make a payment.

International students

  • Continuing students, check your visa/BRP card has not expired and covers the duration of your course. If you need to extend your visa talk to our International Student Advisory Service  as soon as possible.
  • New students, please pick up your visa/BRP card and remember to bring your passport and letter entitling you to pick up your BRP.

Paying your bills

  • If you rely on a bursary, scholarship, grant or loan to pay your bills, please note the first payment is made after you enrol and may not be in your bank account by the 1st day of the month. To avoid going overdrawn, we advise direct debits/making regular payments after the 7th day of the month.
  • If you have not received a University maintenance payment you were expecting, please contact the Finance Payments section.Enrolment steps you must complete


To enrol online:

  • login to the intranet with your six-digit student number and University password
  • To start enrolling, click on the green arrow, on the first tab tick the boxes adjacent to the declaration statements and click "I agree", review and correct your details and select modules. Click "Next" to navigate to the next tab 
  • If you are self funding, during online enrolment you will need to pay your fees by card or set up a direct debit (For alternative methods of payment browse How to pay fees)
  • Once you have completed all the tabs you should see a message stating you have successfully enrolled

If you could not complete enrolment online, browse our Online Enrolment FAQ or contact the MyUniHub.

College Induction

  • Contact your main supervisor to confirm you have enrolled and discuss the next step of your work plan.
  • In your College, collect course materials and if necessary, make arrangements to return departmental forms e.g. health & safety for laboratory work. 
  • Refer to your supervisor and College about attending induction events or training modules.

University ID card

  • Pick up your new University ID card from the Library bring your passport or other ID you uploaded as proof of identity
  • If you did not upload a photo then you can drop off a colour passport sized photo with your name and student number written on the back in order to produce your card.