Studying German at Swansea

Deutsch in Swansea: Studium mit Aussicht

German at Swansea University has an excellent reputation for teaching and research. We are dedicated to helping every individual student achieve to the best of their ability.

The German BA degree programme at Swansea falls into two overlapping and mutually enriching areas. In the first you practise advanced language skills in a variety of practical and intellectual contexts. In the second you expand your knowledge of the German language to explore selected aspects of the German-speaking states, their culture, cinema, history, and literatures in the modern and contemporary era.

The teaching of language skills is led by our dedicated German language tutor, Frau Ute Keller, and a Lektorinwho is part-sponsored by the DAAD (the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst or German Academic Exchange Service), currently Frau Christiane Günther from Berlin.  Developing language skills always entails some element of intercultural study, or finding out about aspects of life, society, business, and culture in the German-speaking countries. In joint honours and single honours degrees the other half of your study time is taken up exclusively with modules dedicated to the understanding of modern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

 Look at our German Undergraduate Brochure  or click here to find out further information about our undergraduate programmes / UCAS codes or postgraduate programme options.



The undergraduate German programme includes a mixture of language and German Cultural modules.  To find out more about the current course content and structure, look at our German course pages.

Year Abroad

You have three options for your third year of study in Germany: 1) teaching English in a German school; 2) working in an approved placement, or 3) studying at one of our partner universities: AugsburgBamberg,MannheimRegensburg, Würzburg, or Reutlingen.

Company Partnerships

We work with employers to ensure that useful workplace skills are embedded in teaching and we encourage students in looking for work placements. 

Student Experience

There is a vibrant culture for German students including a Sprachcafe and the German student society:

Learning Languages at Swansea

One Language

All our modern languages degrees combine both language and cultural learning in the first and second years before spending a year either studying or working abroad in the country of your chosen language.  In your final year you take both language and cultural studies modules.  All students benefit from our dedicated language labs with access to language channels and an extensive archive of foreign language films.  We are currently the only university to offer the chance to study several European languages through the medium of Welsh.   For more information on Single Honours degrees in Modern Languages and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Two Languages

There are a variety of two language degree options at Swansea university combining French, German, Spanish, Italian and Welsh.  For all the two language degrees you will take half your modules in one language and half in the other, covering both language skills and cultural learning.  In the third year you will study abroad in the country of one of your chosen languages, before returning for a final fourth year.  For more information on combinations and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Three Languages

At Swansea University we offer students a unique opportunity to study three languages and position yourself perfectly for the global employment market.  Majoring in two language subjects you can opt to select a third language through our Languages for All module programme which will either introduce you to, or help you improve a third language.  As with our other modern languages programmes you will spend the third year of your four year degree studying or working abroad in the country of one of your two major languages.  For more information on combinations and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Joint Degrees and Languages for All

Modern languages degrees at Swansea University can be studied in combination with a wide range of other subjects in the College of Arts & Humanities, or with geography, economics or law.  It is also possible to study some of our languages as a Single Honours degree with business as a minor element.  For more information on combinations and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Languages for All (LFA) is an introductory programme which gives students studying any degree (not just languages), the opportunity to gain basic language skills while earning credits for their degree programme.  Introductory modules are currently available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Welsh.  The French and Spanish modules are also available through the medium of Welsh.

Robert's Story

Robert Bishop, German and French graduate

"After I had decided to study French and German at university I started doing research into various institutions. Swansea appeared high in the league tables for both French and German, and after applying was the only university to invite me to an interview. It was only after seeing the campus and personally meeting the academic staff that my decision was made to study in Swansea, and I have not looked back. From the academic tuition through the first and second years to the guidance and support offered during the whole year abroad process, Swansea has treated me like an individual. Every year in both departments there are modules offered which interest, stimulate and challenge students, such as European history modules and literature from various time periods, which interested me. The year abroad gave me the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and culture of a completely different country; it was an unforgettable experience and I would thoroughly recommend it. During my studies, I have come to love Swansea not only as a university but as a city, which is why I decided to stay on to do postgraduate studies in German."

Hüseyin Tabak Interview