Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment teams work hard to attract the best applicants through campaigns and marketing at schools, Colleges, Open Days and conventions. The team provides key course, funding, careers, accommodation and other information for potential students, teachers and parents.


October 2015 Undergraduate Open Day

91% rated open day as "excellent or good" (up 3% from 2014)

94% rated subject talks as excellent or good (up 7% from 2014)

77% more likely to apply to Swansea as a result of the day (up 5% from 2014)

“There was a really energetic and welcoming vibe, all the student ambassadors were helpful and approachable, plus the free ice cream was a really nice touch!”

“Swansea university was well organised and gave an excellent impression of the university”


November 2015 Postgraduate Open Day

90% rated event very useful or useful and registrationexcellent or good (both up 10% from 2014)

Really well set up and easy to find, very friendly staff”


Campaign to increase applications from outside the local recruitment area


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