Display Screen Equipment

Swansea University recognises that the prolonged and frequent use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) can result in a range of health symptoms.

A user is an employee who uses DSE as a significant part of their work. Managers/Supervisors/H&S Coordinators are responsible for identifying users in their management areas.

All users, or those who are to become users, will be provided with appropriate information and training relating to the use of their workstation.

DSE training is part of the mandatory Induction training which all DSE users will undertake on starting at the University. To access the training visit:


Everyone who uses DSE should have a workplace assessment. Your H&S Coordinator will advise you how to access the process and provide the information you require.

If you are a DSE user and you think you have problems connected with your work please talk to your manager or supervisor. The Occupational Health encourages early reporting of health concerns so employees can get the treatment they need to return or stay in work.


Contact Occupational Health on extension 5538 to arrange an appointment. If required you will be referred to a qualified Optician for further testing.

The cost will be paid for by the employing College/PSU at the University. If the optician prescribes corrective spectacles for an employee specifically for display screen equipment work, then the College/PSU will pay the minimum cost of obtaining suitable lenses and a standard frame.

If you wish to choose spectacles exceeding the allowed cost then you will pay the difference.

Arrangements, guidance, forms & templates

Policy Arrangements


Need to check yoru workstation set-up? Please use our DSE Checklist  and Health and Safety Lead/Coordinator if you requre assistance. 

Learn more about DSE with our D DSE Staff Factsheet

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