Laser safety

Laser safety

Work with lasers at the University is very diverse and is at the forefront of research activities. All lasers are potentially hazardous, however, the degree of the hazard is related to the laser’s characteristics and use.

Colleges that undertake laser work with Class 3B/ 4 lasers, will have a Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS). The LPS supervises the general day-to-day control of use of lasers and the laser safety standards within the College. The LPS also monitors and advises the College on compliance.

The Laser Safety Officer (LSO) advises on the use of lasers and performs executive duties to ensure that the University procedures relating to laser safety are followed and are compliant with legislative requirements. The LSO reports to Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Services.

Contact your College LPS for further information on laser safety procedures.

Laser Workers

All members of staff and students wishing to work with lasers - with the exception of undergraduates participating only in supervised teaching/ demonstration activities - must be registered as Laser Workers. The register of Laser Workers is compiled by the LPS.  All Laser Workers are required to sign a declaration that they have read the local rules. Registration must always be completed before work with lasers commences.

Laser Workers should not leave laser experiment running unattended unless a risk assessment has established that it is safe to do so. Laser Workers have responsibilities for their own safety and others who may be affected by their work. All Laser Workers are required to attend training as required.

If you have any queries or would like additional advice on laser safety procedures contact the Health and Safety Team:

Call: 5240


Health Surveillance

Workers who intend to use Class 3B/ Class 4 lasers must have a general eye examination before commencing work.  The purpose of the examination is to screen out those workers who, through an existing serious defect in eyesight, may be more sensitive to or more affected if an adverse event occurred with the laser. The examination can be arranged with Occupational Health or your College H&S Coordinator.

Occupational Health: 295538 or

The University does not undertake routine medical surveillance of Laser Workers.

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