Lone working

It is essential that if anyone works alone they have procedures in place to raise an alarm if necessary. If the activity includes potential hazardous activity it must not be undertaken by lone workers.

In some cases it is illegal to undertake certain tasks alone, such as working in confined spaces, with ladders, with explosives, or with electrical hazards. All lone working activities must be covered by an approved risk assessment.

Staff Working From Home

There are times when it is appropriate for employees to work from home. In these instances, University employees must agree this with their manager in advance.

Off-site working

We are responsible for your safety while you are on University business. You must inform your manager or supervisor in advance if you are working off-site. Familiarise yourself with the safety arrangements of any third-party you are visiting. If you do not feel that safety is managed, make this known and if appropriate steps are not taken then stop the visit.

Overseas working

If you are to work abroad on University business make sure an appropriate overseas travel risk assessment is completed before you leave and is approved by your manager. This is to assess security and health risks, and provide details of your travel and accommodation arrangements in other countries.

It is important that you check the FCO websites and the University Intranet site which provides a link to control risks before you travel. The link is provided by our insurers UMAL and provides up to date, detailed information on the risk status of a country/city. Talk to colleagues who have recently visited or have knowledge of working in the country you are visiting, to make you aware of any risks to your health and safety. Check out https://intranet.swan.ac.uk/mainmenu.asp.

In addition, you must follow the appropriate health advice by getting vaccinations or medication (e.g. malaria tablets) as recommended. You must also ask for the insurance documentation before you travel.

If you have any queries regarding lone working or working off campus contact your H&S Coordinator. Alternatively, contact the Health & Safety Team for advice.

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