Biological Safety

All work with biological agents or material in the University must be carried out in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended). This includes both deliberate work with biological agents such as hazardous bacteria, viruses or fungi which may cause infection, allergy, toxicity or otherwise create a hazard to human health or working with materials which may contain such material such a human or animal blood, tissue or biofluids and cell cultures.

All activities involving biological agents or material must be risk assessed, and where appropriate approved by the Biological Hazards and Genetically Modified Organisms Sub-Committee.  

For genetically modified organisms see Genetic Modification

Who can I contact about Biological work? 

Dr Gretta Roberts

Scientific H&S Advisor (acting as University Biological Safety Advisor)

01792 (60) 2680
Louise Morgan-Helliwell


Scientific Safety Officer/Occupational Hygenist (acting as Deputy Biological Safety Officer)

01792 (60) 2516

Sustainability  Team

For enquiries realting to microoganisms harmful to the environment

Dr Chris Wright

Biological Safety Officer, College of Engineering  


Biological Safety Officer, College of Science  


Biological Safety Officer, SU Medical School  


Arrangements, guidance, forms & templates

Policy Arrangements

Management of Biological Hazards- Part 2

HSA 26 part 1 "Management of Biological Hazards"- policy is currently under review and will appear shortly.

Forms and Templates

Biological Risk Assessment Form - for work involving the deliberate use of biological agents.