Supporting Wales as a centre of health economics excellence

The Welsh NHS underwent major restructuring in 2009 to allow more focus on frontline provision of healthcare. An ageing population and an increase in people living with chronic conditions places considerable financial burdens on the Welsh NHS. The new structure sought to allow more transparent decision-making to benefit patients and staff (NHS in Wales. Why we are changing the structure, October 2009). These decisions need to be made by considering value for money. SCHE plays an important role in providing evidence to make these decisions.

SCHE is part of the Welsh Health Economics Support Service (WHESS), commissioned by Health and Care Research Wales. WHESS provides health economics support at the early conceptual stages of research proposal planning, in research funding applications, in research practice and in the dissemination and implementation of research findings.

Since the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) inception in 2002, SCHE has played a key role in providing economic evidence and advice. Pippa Anderson is the health economist for the All Wales Medical Devices and Consumables group and the New Medicines Group (NMG). Debs Fitzsimmons is the health economist for the Interim Pathways Commissioing Group (IPCG) panel and deputy member of the NMG. Berni Sewell leads the SCHE input into economic appraisals for AWMSG, and Sara Groves is the All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre (AWTCC) health economist. 

Help-Point +

A micro-costing exercise was undertaken to provide a detailed estimate of the annual running costs for the Help Point+ service. 


WHESS Annual Report 2016/17


Last year WHESS gave advice to over 100 NHS and social care professionals, from single advice sessions to dedicated bid support. Find out about the progress and key achievements of WHESS during 2016/17 and our plans for the future.  

WHESS Annual Report 2016/17

Screening programmes – diabetic retinopathy

SCHE examined the economic and patient impact of extending screening intervals in Wales in line with the new UK National Screening Committee recommendations.


Familial Breast Cancer

An update to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guideline on Familial breast cancer.