Drawing on the cutting edge research of the College of Human and Health Sciences, our ethos of multi-disciplinary, collaborative research is key to bringing in research leaders from across the Health Care, Social Care, Academic, Private and Voluntary sectors.  Such a robust approach enables us to take forward high quality research which ultimately benefits patients, users, managers and policy makers.

Research also plays a vital part in informing our teaching and courses through textbooks and publications in professional journals to ensure practitioners receive high-quality training throughout their studies.


Research Centres and Groups

Research Centres

Particular areas of the College have grown in recent years to become recognised by the University as centres of excellence for their discipline, and they encompass any relevant research taking place across the University:

Centre for Life Ethics and Organ Donation

Our mission is to engage in global ethical debates in the field of Life Ethics and Organ Donation that will inform legislation, policies, protocols, procedures, and directives across the globe.

Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA)

As Wales’ leading centre for ageing studies, the CIA is underpinned by a strong philosophy of translating research into practice, and an unashamedly positive view of ageing and older people. The centre is also committed to fostering collaboration between business and academia, with the intention of multiplying the benefits of public and private investment in knowledge.

Swansea Centre for Health Economics 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between rigorous academic research and delivering useful information to all those who are engaged in health care.

Wales School for Social Care Research

Ensuring the systems underpinning a range of social and health areas such as service policy and organization, social outcome measures, mental health services, and social care workforce are evaluated and enhanced.


Research Groups

In addition to our centres of excellence, the College also has growing areas of research strength across all areas of the College: 

Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research (CGBIPR)

The Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research at the College of Human and Health Sciences provides global leadership on strategies to decrease the worldwide incidence of burns and improve outcomes, particularly in resource poor regions.

Children and Young People's Health and Well-Being (CCYPHW)

CCYPHW is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and young people from birth through to early adulthood through rigorous multi- and interdisciplinary research. The unique amalgamation of disciplines within the centre makes it an ideal resource for expert insight into wide-ranging child health and well-being issues.

Nursing and Practice Development

Committed to transferring research from ‘the bench to bedside’, this theme addresses the issues of professional working and contributions to patient care which cut across traditional boundaries.

Medicines Management

Exploring the administration and monitoring of medicines, the identification of adverse drug reactions, and undertaking student preparation to reduce harm and ensure high standards of patient safety.

Swansea Centre for Improvement and Innovation 

Aims to support healthcare professionals, managers and policy-makers to improve the design and delivery of health and social care.


By unlocking the secrets of the human mind our psychological research is helping us make sense of how we understand the world, what makes us laugh or cry, why we are conscious, and why we make the choices we do.