General information about Banking, Council Tax and Financial hardship

General information before arrival

For information about finances before you arrive in the UK, please see our International Student Handbook section on Financial Matters . You will find information about tuition fees, living expenses, transferring money and banking in the UK.

Scholarships and bursaries for international students (including EEA students)

Scholarships and bursaries will usually be offered to students before they start their course at Swansea University. For further information about tuition fees, scholarships, bursaries and alternative sources of funding, please see Fees & Scholarships.

Find out more about the Cost of Living in Swansea.

Financial matters

Opening a bank account

For advice on how to open a bank account, please see the International@CampusLife information leaflet  Opening A Bank Account

For details of the main banks in Swansea please see the International@CampusLfe information leaflet  List of main banks in Swansea List of Banks in Swansea

Council Tax

Full-time registered students do not normally have to pay Council Tax providing their course lasts at least 1 academic year. However, postgraduate students who are writing up, as well as English language students who have finished their English course but have not yet started their degree course, may be liable for paying Council Tax. For further advice on Council Tax, come and see an International Student Advisor.

For more information about Council Tax that may affect you and your dependants, download the information sheet "Council Tax and international students" from the UKCISA website.

Welfare Benefits and Student Support

Non-EEA students are normally not be able to claim welfare benefits or student support.

EEA students may be eligible to apply for welfare benefits and some student support. Click here for information about whether you are eligible for student support Student Support: applying in Wales and welfare benefits.

Financial problems

If you are an international student who is experiencing financial hardship, come and discuss your situation with an Advisor at International@CampusLife, who may then refer you to Money@CampusLife.

Money@CampusLife in CampusLife can help you to manage your money and provide advice on any financial difficulties you may be experiencing.

For further information, refer to UKCISA's "Financial Hardship" information sheet, which outlines strategies aimed at helping international students deal with financial hardship during their studies in the UK .