Dylan Thomas Collection

The Library and Information Centre at Singleton Park, Swansea University holds a special Dylan Thomas research collection. This contains translations of some of the poetry and prose works of Dylan Thomas into different languages including Welsh, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Greek and Norwegian. The collection supports the work of the Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales within the English Department at the University. It can be consulted on request at the Library Desk.

You can find out where Dylan Thomas works are located by searching iFind, the library catalogue.


BBC Dylan Thomas homepage

You will find a link to programmes about Dylan Thomas on the BBC here.

There is an online archive available here.

Ceri Richards - 12 lithographs for six poems of Dylan Thomas

The library owns all the lithographs in this series.  11 are currently hung in the library for you to view.  They have been labelled with a number and portrait of Dylan Thomas to help you find them (we have additional works by Ceri Richards not included in this series).  They can be found:

Level 1 East Wing Corridor 

  • (1) Poem on his Birthday
  • (2) And Death Shall Have No Dominion
  • (3) Do Not Go Gentle

Level 4 West Gallery

  • (4) The Force that Drives the Water Through the Rocks
  • (5) Green Metaphor
  • (6) The Author's Prologue
  • (7) Over Sir John's Hill

Level 4 West PC Room 2

  • (8) Flowering Skull (and Death Shall Have No Dominion)
  • (9) And I am Dumb to Tell

Level 4 West by Training Room 3

  • (10) The Force that Drives Through the Green Fuse

Level 3 West Study Hall

  • (11) The Crooked Rose

Maps of the library can be found here.  You can also view the lithographs on this webpage from the Tate Gallery.