Bay Campus Relocation

Bay Campus Relocation

Please note:

Staff required to undertake duties at both sites will be able to travel on the bus service between sites at no cost to the individual. Details of the practical arrangements are currently being finalised.

Information for Staff Relocating to Bay Campus

The relocation policy and procedure explains arrangements for staff moving to Bay Campus.  The policy applies to you if you are required by the nature of your role to relocate.  This policy does not apply to you if you chose to relocate or apply for a job based on Bay Campus after 1st January 2015.

Exceptional Circumstance:

It is recognised that some members of staff might have some personal difficulty in relocating to the Bay Campus.  If you anticipate problems for genuine reasons (e.g. caring responsibility or disability) you should raise concerns with the aim of seeking a resolution with your line manager at the earliest opportunity.   Please read the procedure for further details of how to apply.  The deadline for submission of exceptional circumstance forms is 31st May 2015.

Disruption Allowance:

Travelling to the Bay Campus on a daily basis may incur additional journey to work costs and/or time. The University has undertaken to pay a disruption allowance to eligible staff. Please read the policy and procedure for details of eligibility and how to apply for this allowance.  The deadline for submission of disruption allowance forms is 31st May 2015. 

Please note: the deadline has now passed, if you still need to apply please contact your HR Officer.

Relevant Forms and Documents for Bay Campus Relocation