Sickness Absence

The University has procedures to record, monitor and manage any sickness absence.  If you are ill and unable to come to work the following information explains what you should do and sickness pay entitlement.

Reporting Sickness

  • On the first day that you are absent from work due to sickness you should contact your line manager by phone, before or at your normal starting time, informing them of your illness.
  • During the first week of absence you should maintain daily contact with your line manager, unless agreed otherwise.
  • When you return to work your line manager will ask you to fill in a self-certificate form for your period of absence.
  • If you are ill for more than seven calendar days (including weekends and bank holidays), you will need to send your manager a sick note from your doctor.

Sick Pay Entitlement

  • You will be given Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for 28 weeks, depending on your weekly earnings.
  • Depending on your length of service, you will be eligible for the University Sickness Pay Scheme.  SSP is included in full pay.  For half pay, SSP will be paid on top.
  • For employees whose normal weekly earnings are under the lower earnings limit for making National Insurance contributions, please contact payroll who will calculate your entitlement.

Your entitlement of the University Sickness Pay Scheme, depending on your length of service, are detailed below:

Length of ServiceFull PayHalf Pay
During the first three months of service 2 weeks 2 weeks
Three months to one year 8 weeks 8 weeks
Second & third year of service 13 weeks 13 weeks
Fourth & fifth year of service 21 weeks 21 weeks
After five years of service 26 weeks 26 weeks


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