Athena SWAN Strategy Group



The Athena SWAN Strategic Group (ASSG) works to improve the Athena SWAN profile within the University by supporting and monitoring the progress of the various Athena SWAN submissions in the University and maintaining dialogue with each College. The group is chaired by Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, who also champions gender equality at the University. The membership includes representatives from all Colleges involved in Athena SWAN, Students’ Union and Human Resources, ensuring effective flow of information to and from the ASSG with regard to progress against the Athena SWAN action plan.

The ASSG will support and monitor progress against data collection for Athena SWAN, with a particular focus on staff and student data, to ensure that all submissions are well informed and evidenced appropriately.

The University Self-Assessment team and each College Self-Assessment team is accountable to the ASSG, by producing a brief written update for review by ASSG members in advance of each ASSG meeting. The ASSG provides an update to the Equal Opportunities Committee, reports directly to the University Senior Management Team, and prepares an annual agenda item for the University Senate. 

The ASSG manages Athena SWAN policy, ensuring that the University is compliant with national gender equality legislation, and encourages gender equality at all levels throughout the University.

Frequency of Meetings

The ASSG meets as often as necessary (approximately every 6-8 weeks), to ensure that progress is being monitored efficiently.


The ASSG consists of members of staff from across the University, representing each College and various central Professional Services units involved in the Athena SWAN submission process.