Casual Payments Guidance

Casual Payments Guidance

In order for the authorised member of staff within the University to be able to provide casual work to any individual, you must request this from your HR Business Partnering Team, the individual must provide proof of eligibility to work within the UK for the period of the casual employment, which must be copied, initialled and dated by a member of the HR Department.

This must be done before the work commences.

Casual Payments Forms can be used for:

  • one off payments
  • infrequent payments, weeks or months apart
  • payments for work lasting 1 week or less.

Such payments will be subject to deduction of tax and National Insurance contributions.


  • The line Manager completes sections A and B of the Casual Payments Request Form , and forwards this to their HRBP Team
  • HR will then liaise with the prospective employee, who will need to present original Right to Work documentation in person.  HR will copy this, sign and date it.  In the case of Tier 4 visa holders, in additional to checking eligibility to work, HR will also check other work undertaken across the University to ensure this does not breach the terms of the prospective employee’s visa
  • The prospective employee will complete the "Casual Employment – Eligibility to Work Form (Form 2)", which will be certified by HR and the copied documentation proving right to work attached
  • HR will update the ABW system to record the approved work for Tier 4 students
  • HR will return Form 1 to the Line Manager, to confirm the work can be undertaken by the prospective employee
  • On completion of the work, the Line Manager will complete sections D and E of the Casual Employment Request Form (Form 1), and forwards this to their HRBP
  • HR will cross reference with the approved work, to ensure the actual work remains within the approved limits (hours and dates) and will update the ABW system for Tier 4 students.
  • HR will forward the completed forms (1 and 2) to Payroll, for action
  • Payroll will action payment and upload the form to the ABW system

Letters of Appointment

These will normally be required when:

  • work continues for more than 1 week
  • large payments are involved
  • there is a continuing employment relationship over time.


  • will be required where an employment relationship is expected to continue for more than 3 months