Recruitment and Selection Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy

In order to meet its mission it is essential that the University attracts and recruits staff of the highest quality through robust recruitment processes in the context of an equal opportunities framework.   The University commits to recruiting the right person to the right job in a fair and transparent way.

Swansea University has committed to operating within a defined set of core values and it is an expectation that everyone is able to demonstrate a commitment to these values from the point of application through to the day to day delivery of their roles. Commitment to our values at Swansea University supports us in promoting equality and valuing diversity to utilise all the talent that we have.  Consequently an individual’s ability to work within the University’s values will be tested through the selection process. 

The responsibilities of managers involved in the recruitment and selection process will be to:

  • Identify vacancies to meet operational need and strategic objectives
  • Produce appropriate recruitment documentation in order to attract the right applicants
  • Provide consistent and timely information to assist with grading of posts, taking into account appropriate comparators throughout the organisation to ensure fairness and consistency in grades
  • Conduct the selection process in accordance with the recruitment and selection guidelines

It is recognised that key to recruiting and selecting the best person for a role within the University, is a specific and measurable set of selection criteria.  Once agreed the selection criteria will be the tool against which candidates will be measured at the shortlisting and interview stage.  Consequently interview questions will be developed to assess candidates against the selection criteria and feedback to unsuccessful candidates will also be delivered in line with this criteria.

The University recognises, in exceptional circumstances, there may be a need to make executive decisions outside this framework to secure the retention of exceptional talent. 

The criteria for Recruitment for all academic roles of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor must reflect the Academic Career Pathways (ACP) crtieria and indicative performance levels.

Definitions of HR terms used in this policy:

  • Recruitment - The process of finding people to become a new member of an organisation
  • Selection - The process of choosing an appropriate person to work for an organisation
  • Vacancy - A position that is unfilled or unoccupied
  • Applicant - Somebody who has submitted an application for a position in the University
  • Short listing - To select a number of applicants to go forward to interview
  • Interview - A meeting in which an applicant is asked questions to determine if they are suitable for a job.  Where there is more than one applicant the interview will determine the best applicant for the job.
  • Job Description – A document which details the purpose of the job and lists the duties that that the post holder will perform
  • Person Specification  - A document detailing the selection criteria for the job
  • The Role Description - Ensures that the job is correctly graded in line with the University's pay scales (though this is not made available to candidates)
  • Advert - Announcement on the website, a newspaper or other medium about a job vacancy, which ensures the key requirements are communicated briefly and clearly to attract potential applicants.