Capability Policy & Ordinance

Capability refers to an employee’s skills, ability, aptitude and knowledge in relation to the job they are employed to deliver.

Managers are expected to regularly review the performance and capability of the people they manage, giving timely feedback and providing appropriate support, training and recognition.

The University recognises that the majority of employees meet or exceed the standards of performance required to achieve the University’s objectives.

The capability policy and procedure provide a transparent framework to address any performance issues/concerns.


The capability policy and procedure applies to all University employees, excluding probationary employees.

Key Principles

  • When action is taken, it will be applied consistently and fairly in every case
  • In the first instance, every effort will be made to resolve issues informally
  • Appropriate support and development will be offered at each stage
  • Decisions will be objective and evidence based
  • Matters under this policy will be dealt with in a timely manner and employees are expected to cooperate to achieve this aim
  • Managers will take due regard of the guidance when using the Capability procedure