Student Employment - Postgraduate Form

Student Employment - Postgraduate Form

Before a student can undertake any work for the University, they must provide evidence of eligibility to work in the UK, in line with University Policy and Procedure.

Graduate School Guidelines for the Employment of Full-time Postgraduate Students by the University

The University’s first responsibility is to the integrity of the study and quality of the student’s learning experience. Accordingly, departments and students are required to give first consideration to the successful and timely completion of research studies, within the terms of the University’s formal offer of admission.

External Employment
The University is unable to control employment undertaken by a student outside the University but the student is enjoined to consider carefully the effects that such employment may have on the timely completion of their studies. Supervisors should be consulted and, where appropriate, students should be reminded of any conditions set by their sponsor. In some cases such conditions may require the supervisor to inform the sponsor if it is felt that employment may impede progress.

Study-Related Work-Placements
The following guidelines do not affect or limit work or placements that may be arranged as a formal component of an approved course or scheme of research.

General Requirement

In all cases of application for University employment during full time studies by enrolled postgraduate students, it is the responsibility of the department, through the written permission of the research supervisor, to ensure that any paid employment offered by the University is:

  • within the terms laid down by the relevant sponsor and has sponsor’s approval where that is necessary;
  • subject to training, where that is necessary or required (ie all teaching and demonstrating);
  • paid according to the rates agreed for the work by Swansea University;
  • not, in the opinion of the supervisor, likely to impede the successful and timely completion of studies.

Such written advice is to be supplied to the Human Resources Department, and to receive acknowledgment and approval, before employment may commence.

The Graduate School will provide copies of the relevant forms to all departments and internal sections providing student employment.

The following guidelines should be applied to all full time postgraduate students, including privately sponsored students and those holding University research studentships.

General Guidelines

Subject-Related Paid Employment
There is broad agreement between UK sponsors in the matter of subject-related paid employment (mainly teaching and demonstrating). This permits employment, with the express permission of the supervisor, to a normal maximum of 6 hours in the working week (9 to 5, Monday to Friday). Again, in most cases, the annual maximum will be 180 hours per year but it should be noted that the British Academy, for example, permits a maximum of only 150 hours per year.

Other Paid Employment
A small amount of non-subject-related work is permitted, generally outside normal working hours, but again, only with the express permission of the supervisor and only when such permission is granted with full acknowledgement of the terms of the sponsoring body. In some cases, this will require the prior approval of the sponsoring body. In the case of privately funded students and holders of University postgraduate research studentships, the maximum shall not normally exceed 6 hours per week.

However, the supervisor may approve an extension to this 6 hour limit provided that all such work shall be undertaken outside normal working hours and that the total commitment, inside and outside normal working hours, does not exceed 12 hours in any single week.

Industrial Collaboration and Work Experience
Short term work placements in companies, whether paid or unpaid, and other collaborative links which will develop industrial/commercial awareness is to be encouraged but must accord with the terms laid down by the sponsoring body. Postgraduate Students who wish to participate in such training or other paid work directly related to their research studies must seek the permission of their supervisor. The supervisor must give formal consent to indicate that the intended work will not interfere with the student’s research programme and is within the terms laid down by the relevant sponsor.

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