Temporary Staff Policy

Swansea University's Temp Register is intended to provide short term cover for clerical/secretarial positions within the University for such things as, short and medium term sickness cover and during specific push periods. The Temp Register will not be appropriate for posts/positions expected to last in excess of three months in total. Should cover be required for in excess of three months, the post/position must be advertised/interviewed etc. Where it becomes clear that a post/position previously expected to end within the three month period will be required for more than three months, the post/position should be advertised. It may be the case, in exceptional circumstances, that the Temp arrangement may be extended for a short final period, subject to the approval of the Director of Human Resources.

Due to the current high demand on the Temp Register and the limited number of staff with secretarial qualification, the Human Resources Department has had to review its operation of the Register. Whilst every effort will be made to identify suitable Temps for vacancies, we require at least three working days notice prior to the anticipated commencement of the appointment. In cases where it is likely or it becomes clear that we will not be able to provide a Temp within this timescale, the person originating the request will be informed at the earliest opportunity and possible alternatives, such as use of an agency, discussed. Temps required at short notice may be arranged through an agency. In the case of finite arrangements lasting less than one week, where the School/Department is aware of an appropriate person to undertake the work, other systems may be appropriate:

Casual Payments Forms

These can be used for one off payments, infrequent payments (weeks or months apart) or payments for work lasting one week or less.  Such payments will be subject to deduction of tax and National Insurance contributions.

Where possible the appropriate University rates should apply.  Advice may be obtained on appropriate rates from the Human Resources Department.

Casual Payments Guidance

Temporary Staff Procedure