Misuse of Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Misuse of Drugs and Alcohol Policy

In recognition of its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act, Swansea University is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. It recognises that this can be put at risk by employees who misuse drugs/alcohol to such an extent that it may affect their health, performance, conduct and relationships at work.

The conduct, performance and professional competence of employees is required to be of an acceptable standard at all times. All employees should be aware, therefore, that the use/misuse of drugs/alcohol can affect their work performance and lead to behaviour which may be defined as unacceptable or in more extreme cases as misconduct. Employees are expected to arrive at work unaffected by the influence of alcohol.

In keeping with its obligations, the University, will:-

(i) alert employees of the risks associated with drug/alcohol abuse, through dissemination of this policy.

(ii) offer encouragement and assistance to employees who suspect or know they have a drug/alcohol related problem to seek help voluntarily at any early stage.

(iii) offer to employees, who come to the notice of the University authorities, as possibly having a drug/alcohol related problem help to seek assessment and treatment, as necessary, from appropriate sources/agencies.

(iv) create a positive and supporting working environment which makes it unlikely that employees will seek to conceal or deny a drug/alcohol related problem.

(v) operate a fair and comprehensive procedure for managing staff who are unable to address their drug/alcohol dependency.

(vi) treat any case which involves drug/alcohol related problems in strict confidence.

Employees who refuse to seek appropriate help or refuse to follow the advice of Occupational Health or other course of treatment, or discontinue a course of treatment before its satisfactory conclusion, may be subject to the appropriate disciplinary procedures.

Swansea University will report to the Police all incidents involving the supply or taking of illegal drugs on the premises and may decide to take action whether or not the Authorities decide to prosecute.

Definitions of HR terms used in this policy:

Alcohol and drug misuse - the intermittent or continual use of alcohol or any drug or other substance which causes detriment to the employee’s health, social functioning, or work performance, and which affects efficiency, productivity, safety, attendance, time keeping or conduct in the workplace.

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