Staff Volunteering Scheme

As part of its commitment to community and staff wellbeing, Swansea University has introduced a Staff Volunteering Policy. 

The aim of this policy is to inform employees and managers of the level of entitlement for staff volunteering and to provide a framework for the process.  It also provides a summary of volunteering rights and responsibilities.

Volunteering opportunities will be provided by Discovery, a registered charity and independent voluntary organisation, based at Swansea University, which operates a wide variety of local community projects.

The University has agreed that staff who are registered under the Staff Volunteering Scheme will be eligible for a basic allocation of the equivalent of two working days (i.e. 14 hours, or pro-rata for staff who work part time) paid time off each year, to undertake volunteering work.  The release of employees from work to participate in voluntary work must be balanced against the other demands and priorities of the College/Professional Service Unit. As such, time-off for this purpose is not an entitlement.

Staff Volunteering Policy

Staff Volunteering Procedure

Staff Volunteering Scheme Application

Staff Volunteering Leave Form