Probation Policy

Policy Statement

A period of probation will normally be applied to all newly appointed staff.  The University will operate three Probation Procedures, staff will be allocated to the appropriate probation procedure according to their grade.  All probation periods will have a target setting phase and two or three formal reviews.

The aims/objectives of Probation are to:

  • To agree targets that will enable the new employee to understand and work toward the agreed values of the College/Directorate and University.
  • Assist with induction of new staff, thereby helping to ensure the effective and efficient management of departments and the University.
  • Enable probationary employees to demonstrate capability and competence for the post, within a supportive framework.
  • Identify and accommodate the probationary employee’s individual training and development needs ensuring that they are consistent with the College/Department and the University’s aims, objectives and values.
  • Ensure that all probationary employees are given every opportunity to maximise their potential within the probationary period.
  • Provide a process to be followed should the new member of staff not be performing to the required standards.

The probation assessment process must be objective and free from direct and indirect discrimination in line with the Equality Policy.

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