Family Friendly Policy

Swansea University is committed to Equal Opportunities and the purpose of this Policy is to promote employment procedures which will provide a framework for improving the working environment and encouraging diversity in the workforce.  The University recognises that employees have outside commitments and strives to offer staff the opportunity to improve the balance between work and family commitments. 

All employees have the right not to be subjected to detrimental treatment on the grounds of pregnancy, childbirth, maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave or for asserting their right to request flexible working arrangements irrespective of hours of work or length of service.  The University has developed a range of Family Friendly procedures which are available to staff including:

  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Maternity Procedure
  • Adoption Procedure
  • Paternity/Partner Leave Procedure
  • Share Parental Leave and Pay Procedure
  • Parental Leave Procedure
  • Time Off for Care of Dependants & Domestic Purposes
  • Flexi Time Working Guidelines
  • Child Care Voucher Scheme
  • Job Share

This policy should be considered in conjunction with the University’s Policy on Flexible Working, which is applicable to all staff.

Through the application of these procedures the University undertakes to provide advice and support on how to manage competing demands between work and family commitments.  It is acknowledged that staff who achieve a good work life balance have improved well being.  The benefits to the University include increased productivity, improved staff retention and lower absenteeism and sickness rates. 

Relevant Policies and Procedures

Family Friendly Policy

Worklife Balance and Family Friendly Procedures