Project Services Office

We are here to assist you with your project financial administration and to guide you through the Sponsor terms and conditions. We will help you meet your administration commitments to Sponsors, Auditors and other Stakeholders.

We offer these support services;

  • Understanding financial terminology
  • Collecting income from the Sponsor
  • Managing an Audit
  • Provide Training and Inductions to administration of Projects
  • Advice on the compliance and governance rules
  • Provide access to budget statements and financial data
  • Advice on what you can and cannot buy with the project money

This flyer lists a summary of our support services  (A summary of project services support)

If you need to talk to us please contact a member of the team 


What are the key tasks of a Principal Investigator which lead to a successful project;


1) Deliver your output (defined service or research);

On time (a contract has a specified start and end date

On budget (spend the money on the purposes defined in the contract and collect the income)


2) Meet any Sponsor defined reporting obligations (these may extend beyond the project end date)


I've got an award what happens now:

Guide to financial management:

  • Key points
  • Financial code structure and guide to terminology
  • PI and Project Managers
  • Do’s and don'ts of award management


Financial monitoring reports and support - PIPA financial monitoring tool

Frequently asked questions

Services provided by the Project Services Office

A summary of project services support