Commercial Services

REIS offers expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercialisation and can support researchers to commercialise their research and subsequent breakthrough technologies. They can offer advice on patents, licensing and how to set up spin out companies.  Swansea Innovations is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University and has been created to manage the commercial pipeline emerging from the University’s research base.

Supporting Staff

Swansea University considers the creation of intellectual property (IP) to be an integral part of a researher's career advancement and development. The University owns IP generated by its employees but staff have generous beneficial rights to the commercialisation of this IP and REIS can help in this process. 

Not only will REIS help protect IP but we will assist in starting-up, raising funding and licensing. Please see the University’s general policy on IP for further information. The management of IP is complex and if you have any further queries after reading the policies, staff are invited to contact Swansea Innovations within REIS to discuss any issues or concerns that they may have regarding intellectual property which they have created. 

Supporting Students

If you’re a current student or recent graduate thinking of starting up your own business or would like to in the future, we can help put you in touch with the right industries, people and resources. We consider the creation of intellectual property (IP) to be an important part of a student’s learning at University and for the student’s academic achievements, employability and career advancements. The Student IP Policy  provided on our website  gives guidance on what types of IP may arise, who owns the IP  (the student, the University or a 3rd party), how it can be used as part of academic development and how confidential information should be treated. In some cases the student may request the University’s involvement in the commercialisation of IP created by the student and the policy gives information on this as well.

For further information on Swansea Innovations and commercialisation funding opportunities please contact Dr Gerry Ronan on 01792 606578 for further information, advice or assistance or visit