Research as Art


Author: Dr Kasia Szpakowska

Picture: a Demon Thing from Ancient Egypt

This composite being seems a far cry from the ancient Egyptian gods we are used to seeing! She (he? it?) has a canine head, curly wig, squat naked body with a single pendulous breast, and feline tail. She charges forward wielding a butcher’s knife in each hand and a snake draped over her forward arm.

Sometime between 1070-945 BCE, an anonymous Ancient Egyptian composed this being onto a mythological papyrus owned by a woman named “Dirpu, Lady of the House, Chantress of Amun.” 3000 years later its outlines were digitally transferred to a new medium.

Our Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project is collecting thousands of strange intriguing entities like this one for our database. Forgotten and ignored for millennia, we are bringing them back into light.



Dr Kasia Szpakowska,  is one of the lead speakers at an international conference at Swansea University 

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