Spotlight on Research

Author:  Liza Penn-Thomas (English Department, College of Arts and Humanities) In collaboration with Steve Milton and Jennifer Williams

Title:      Passion and Perseverance: Researchers Playing Their Part

Every researcher sees their own passion reflected back at them in their work. This surreal image captures the inspiration and perspiration that carries us through a long project. We need both passion for our subject and dedicated perseverance. The subject of my PhD, theatre tradition in Wales, helped convey this dual nature of research. It was also a challenge to represent my broader field of interest, which examines constructed identities, of nation and individual, performed to ourselves and the world. 

This composite piece was created in collaboration with my friends Steve Milton and Jennifer Williams. Their artistry, technical skills, and Nikon d700 (with 50mm f1.8, prime) actualised the concept I had in my head. The researcher, crossing time and imagination as they work, brings insight into the theatre traditions of another era and reveals the people who made those traditions live.

John Womersely,Chief Executive of the Science & Technology Facilities Council chose Liza's entry as his winning image:

"This cleverly constructed, surreal and arresting image immediately captured my attention – what is happening here?...Clearly a great deal of thought, craftsmanship and care went into the creation of an image that both symbolises the attitude of the researcher and captures the subject of her research.”