Title:The Princess who became King

One of the greatest mysteries ancient Egypt has left to us is the face of the world’s first female pharaoh Sobekneferu. Although her name is preserved in stone, her beauty has unfortunately been lost. For thousands of years her statues stood on the black land of the Egyptian Delta but no head has ever been found. As ancient historians, one of the greatest skills we possess is reconstructing the forgotten. This image is a blend of her father’s statue and a lonely fragmented face that may be the only clue to what she would have looked like. Could this be a representation of Sobekneferu? While technology can give us this composite image, only an Egyptologist underneath the unforgiving sun can piece together the past. Sobekneferu was born a princess but died a king, and her place in history is eternal. 

Author: Brandi Hill, Postgraduate student

Department: Egyptology