Progression Bursary

Swansea University has a strong track record of widening access, ensuring that as many talented people as possible have the opportunity to participate in higher education regardless of their geographic, social and economic background.

We believe that family income should not be a barrier to education, and we have introduced significant additional financial support for students from lower income backgrounds.

The financial support package benefited over 3,000 students by 2014/15. With the initiative making available £4.2 million per annum by 2015/16; it will aid the recruitment, retention, prospects and successful degree outcomes of UK undergraduate students from households with an annual income of less than £30,000.

The financial support consists of a Progression Bursary, payable in instalments over the duration of your study.

The table below illustrates how the bursary will be awarded.

Household IncomeProgression Bursary (Total value)
up to £15, 000 £3000
£15,001 - £25,000 £2000
£25,001 - £30,000 £1000

*Example based on a 3 year programme

Change to availability of Income Related Bursaries from September 2015.

NB Priority Subject Bursaries (for students studying for degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Bioscience (including Biochemistry and Genetics), Physics, Modern Foreign Languages and Law) will be offered for the last time to students starting in September 2014. Instead the University will invest up to half a million pounds each year in a range of initiatives to further support the progression and retention of undergraduate students, including those from low income backgrounds. Further information on the additional activities will be available shortly.

How it is paid

Household Incomeup to £15,000£15,001 to £25,000£25,001 to £30,000
Year 1 £500 £500 £500
Year 2 £1250 £750 £500
Year 3 £1250 £750 nil
Total Value £3000 £2000 £1000

*Example based on a 3 year programme

Eligibility and further information

  • bursaries are available to new UK domiciled students commencing their degree programme's and paying £9000 per year Tuition Fee costs (including those awarded a Fee Grant where applicable)
  • bursaries will be awarded to eligible students based on household income information verified by the SLC as part of your Student Finance application
  • household income information is only made available for students who have consented to share their financial details; please ensure you (and your parent/s) consent to share this information or you cannot be considered for a bursary
  • *Students on programmes of 4 years or more (MEng, MPhys, MOst, Integrated Foundation programmes etc) will receive the equivalent of the Year 3 bursary amounts in Year 4 (and/or Year 5) whilst full time at the University.
  • Students on 4 or 5 year programmes with a ‘Year Out’ either Study/Work abroad (including Erasmus) or Industrial/Sandwich placement will receive one flat rate Progression bursary of £500 whilst on their ‘Year Out’, (no Priority Subject bursary will be awarded) standard bursary rates will resume in the remaining years of the programme.
  • if you meet the eligibility criteria you will be notified in writing after you have formally enrolled of the amount you have been awarded and your instalment dates
  • payments will be made to you in 2 equal instalments (during February and May each year)
  • students must be actively enrolled at the start of each term to continue to be eligible
  • bursaries are suspended for any repeat periods of study
  • NHS funded students are not eligible
  • students who have previously completed an undergraduate degree program cannot be considered for any bursary award

The University has the right to request a reimbursement of any overpayment made due to non attendance or revised assessment information from the SLC

Additional financial support

  • An additional bursary for care experienced young people, worth £1,000 per annum
  • Mobility bursaries to help subsidise the cost of working or studying abroad
  • Leverhulme Trust bursaries for more information visit here
  • An increase in Excellence Scholarships to ensure that the most able students are recruited and retained, regardless of their financial circumstances
  • Postgraduate Pathway Bursaries (from 2015/16) to support those from low income households entering the University in 2012/13 to progress to postgraduate study
  • The Swansea University Opportunity Award is available to support students experiencing financial difficulties