Aims and objectives

The Go Beyond programme aims to provide a step change in the delivery of an inclusive curriculum which is focused on providing students with the best learning experience whilst they are here at Swansea University, and equipping them with the personal and professional skills for a successful future.  At the centre of it all is the ‘Swansea Graduate’ – defining what attributes and values we should instill in our graduates that are desired by employers. 

Work streams in progress

Following extensive consultation, including the Innovation Workshop 2016, the programme is currently developing the following Project Strands:

Technology Enhanced Learning Delivery – To provide support for alternative delivery methods and to promote a digital culture.

Student Professional Development – To embed within the curriculum the personal and professional skills required by businesses, organisations and industry.

Student Mobility – To increase the range of opportunities for students to study abroad, or to take part in volunteering and UK placement opportunities.

Assessment and Feedback – To improve the effectiveness of assessment and feedback methods for staff and students and to reduce the overall administrative burden of assessment.

A comprehensive internal and external review of good practice within each Project Strand has generated a range of workable options for shaping a flexible Curriculum Framework against which all programmes can be reviewed; a framework which will support staff in delivering the best possible learning experience they have in mind for their students.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact the Go Beyond Team at

The Go Beyond Project Team –

  • Professor Martin Stringer - Sponsor
  • Andrew Jones - Programme Manager
  • Louise Hall – Strategic Change Officer, PSPU Support and Change Management  
  • Fiona Rees-Cridland – Deputy Programme Manager, Academic Quality Services
  • Rachel James – Project Officer, Academic Quality Services
  • Lucy Jackson – Communications, Academic Quality Services