Showcase session

‘Up to Speed’ : The 1000mph World Land Speed Record – Swansea University and the Bloodhound Project

Houston: Tuesday 28th October

College Station: Thursday 30th October


Dr Ben Evans

Dr Ben Evans is a lecturer in Aerospace Engineering and his research interests range from computational shape optimisation and high speed aerodynamic modelling to molecular gas dynamics simulation. 

He also has interests in engineering public engagement and engineering education, and is currently Director of the Engineering Education Scheme in Wales (EESW).

Dr Evans sits on the design team for BLOODHOUND SSC Land and developed computational models of the aerodynamic flows that BLOODHOUND will experience to help shape the vehicle design and surface geometry.

Dr Evans’ research has been funded by organisations including Fujitsu and the Royal Academy of Engineering and he has received numerous awards including the Mike Crisfield Prize in Computational Mechanics and the TATA Steel Award for Outstanding Impact in Commerce and Industry.



BLOODHOUND SSC is a project which aims to take the world land speed record to 1000mph.

Internationally renowned Engineers from Swansea University form part of the vehicle design team and have used Computer Fluid Dynamics to model its aerodynamic characteristics and help shape the design and surface geometry.

Geographers from the University’s College of Science have been involved in the project, developing computer programmes and using remote sensing images to help identify an appropriate test site.

This has seen the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa’s Northern Cape region selected, with the first test runs BLOODHOUND SSC due in early 2015.  


BLOODHOUND SSC vs EurofighterTyphoon