Naomi Steele

Naomi Steele

Transcription Co-ordinator and Service Advisor

Working in Two Languages


I work in two different offices in ISS. I work half of the day as a Transcription Co-ordinator in the Transcription Centre, and the other half of the day as a Service Advisor as part of the Customer Service Team in the library on the Singleton Campus. 

I’m also a part-time PhD student. My research is through the medium of Welsh: ‘Delweddu Cymru a'r Rhyfel Mawr: Portreadau o Gymru a'r Cymry mewn rhaglenni dogfen am y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf, ac effeithlonrwydd y genre dogfen wrth gyfleu effaith y Rhyfel ar gymunedau yng Nghymru ac ym Mhrydain.’ 

How often do you use Welsh at work? 

In the Transcription Centre, one of my colleagues, Angharad Brown also speaks Welsh, we do speak Welsh to each other. In the library, I work on the desk and usually speak Welsh to a few people a day – both students and staff. A number of my colleagues also speak Welsh and we often speak Welsh. I also represent the Customer Service Team (Park) as the representative for the Welsh Language Standards and I’m currently co-ordinating an internal team translation project along with the Customer Service Team at the Bay Campus. I also wear my ‘Welsh speaker’ lanyard. 

How fluent are you, in your opinion? 

I am fluent in Welsh. 

Do you have any positive stories to share about your experience of Welsh in the workplace?

It’s nice to be able to use Welsh every day in work to speak to colleagues, and to staff and students on the desk and on the phone in the Library 

Have you faced any challenges? 

Sometimes I do feel that people often disregard the Welsh language and often this is in a negative way. 

In your opinion, how important would you say it is to be able to offer a service in Welsh, even if you’re not the person offering that service? 

Very important! Every Welsh speaker should have the choice and option to receive services in Welsh and every effort should be made in order to able to offer as many services as possible in Welsh. 

Is there anything that would help in terms of your ability to offer a Welsh language service / do your feel that you need more training / practice? 

I use Welsh and it is part of my everyday life, on a personal level, in work and for research. But I do think the most recent Welsh Language Standards have been positive and has ensured that Welsh is more visible and raising people’s awareness of the language.