Welsh Provision in the Medical School

There is an opportunity for non-welsh speaking students to enroll on our Welsh for Medicine 1 + 2 courses, that have been uniquely developed alongside Swansea Bay-Learn Welsh, to introduce basic welsh lessons for a healthcare setting. here will be support for any student wishing to learn more about Welsh language and culture as they live and study here in Wales.

Welsh speaking students have the opportunity to study a 50credit module in each year through the medium of Welsh - Doctor as a Professional 1-4. The Welsh provision within these modules include:

  • A Welsh speaking Academic mentor

  • Welsh medium tutoring sessions

  • Clinical Placements with welsh speaking practitioners

  • Clinical Placements in areas with a high percentage of Welsh speakers

  • Opportunity to complete long projects including Family Case Study, Living with a Diagnosis and Developing Professional Practice in Welsh.

Any prospective students can request to be interviewed in Welsh. 

The Medical School is working toward enhancing and developing their Welsh language provision.

Students who choose to study at least 40credits a year in Welsh are eligible to apply for a Coleg Cymraeg Incentive Scholarship of £500 a year - the closing date is in May.

Academi Hywel Teifi offers an internal scholarship of £300 a year to students choosing to study at least 40credits a year in Welsh, or a bursary of £100 a year to students choosing to study at least 5credits a year in Welsh. These may be applied for on a yearly basis, at the start of each Autumn term. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Heledd Iago - h.f.iago@swansea.ac.uk

Caring through Welsh app

This interactive App devised for mobile phones is based on an adaption of the book ‘Caring through Welsh’ by Dr Angharad Jones, Swansea University, and based on the booklet ‘Wneith Hyn Ddim Drwg…’ by Carwen Earles, Swansea University. The App can be used by students, academics and health care practitioners and can be downloaded free from iTunes and the App Store. Being available on easy-to-use and popular devices means that there is a potential to further increase its use.

Welsh Medium Placement Opportunities

Welsh Medium Placement Opportunities Map

From September 2014, Welsh speaking students will be able to register for the module 'Doctor as a Professional' in Welsh, in all four years. This is a 50 credit bearing module, and will give students ample opportunity to use their Welsh whilst out on clinical placements across Wales.