Tuition Fees for EU students

Important tuition fee information

Your Tuition Fees will be £9,000 per year. If you are studying for a degree for the first time in the UK you will not have to pay the tuition fees upfront, as an EU student you will be eligible for:

  • A non-repayable tuition fee grant of £4,954 from the Welsh Government (subject to terms and conditions).
  • A repayable tuition fee loan of £4,046
  • For further information and how to apply please click here

For current students who commenced their degree since 2012/13 and due to to re-enrol in 2017/18 the following fee costs will apply:-

  • Standard full-time: £9000 will be charged
  • Repeating modules: £750 will be charged for every 10 credits you repeat
  • Year in Industry: £1800 will be charged
  • Year Abroad: £1350 will be charged

For current students who commenced their degree before 2012/13 and due to re-enrol in 2017/18 your Tuition Fee costs will remain at £3465 (Sandwich Year costs will be £1725 and repeat module costs will be £289 for every 10 credits).

  • Please ensure you enter the correct Tuition Fee costs on your Student Finance application
  • For information about 2017/18 enrolment please visit our undergraduate enrolment pages